Market & Competitive Intelligence

Brand/Division & Company Profiling

  • Total market size (Value and Volume)
    Breakdown of market by - By company, Category/molecule/SKU, Type of use, Specialities, Regions
    Trade vs. institutions
    Within institutions by account type - Government, Private, Trust
  • Sales Force Structure
  • Doctors coverage and focus
  • Distribution network
  • Marketing promotional budgets and strategies

Hospital/Institution Profiling

  • Total number of clinicians
  • Breakdown of clinicians by specialities
  • Bed size
  • Specialities
  • Offerings
  • Purchase and Decision making process
    Key stakeholders
  • Decision makers

Doctor Profiling

  • Personal Details
  • Practice Details
  • Patient Flow
  • Qualification (Name and Year of pass out from the institution)
  • Name of the institution that previously served
  • Publications
  • Research programs that he/she has participated with
  • Name of the conferences that he/she participated
  • Awards receive in the past
  • Clinicians societies and associations with whom he/she is associated with
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Type of association and interaction that the doctor prefer with pharmaceutical companies
  • Name of the chemists where the prescription primarily goes to
  • Name of the diagnostic centre and labs the doctor is associated with